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Asian Hospitality November 5, 2019Report: Extended-Stay Bookings Still High, But Traditional Hotels Are Seeing Most Of Them. “Non-extended-stay hotels accommodated 71.15 million room nights from guests staying seven nights or longer in the year ending June 2019, whereas the corresponding figure for the extended-stay hotels were 50.23 million,” according to The Highland Group.

Hotel Management October 18, 2019Highland Group: Extended-stay market ‘far larger’ than expected. “For the first time we have reliable empirical data on the size of the extended-stay market in hotels and it is far larger than we expected,” stated Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel Business October 17, 2019Report: Extended-Stay Demand in Traditional Hotels is 40% More Than in Extended-Stay Hotels. “For the first time, we have reliable empirical data on the size of the extended-stay market in hotels, and it is far larger than we expected,” said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel Management September, 2019Extended-Stay development booms as demand grows.  “As of the first quarter of 2019, supply in the extended-stay segment of the U.S. hotel industry was up 6.1 percent, according to The Highland Group.”

Serviced Apartment News August 15, 2019US extended-stay occupancy reaches Q2 record level. “The [Highland] Group reported extended-stay hotels saw the strongest quarterly demand growth in a year.”

Hotel Business August 15, 2019Report: Extended-Stay Room Construction is Down, Occupancy Rises, “The deceleration in supply growth coupled with the strongest quarterly demand increase in a year moved occupancy to 79.9%, the highest second quarter level ever reported.”

Hotel Management August 13, 2019Highland Group: Q2 extended-stay occupancy reaches record level, “The Highland Group pointed to rising construction costs and lengthening development timelines as two factors slowing supply growth.”

Business Travel News August 12, 2019U.S. Extended-Stay Occupancy Set a Record in Q2, “Only the economy extended-stay segment saw a boost, as rooms under construction jumped 89 percent, from 2,380 to 4,501.”

Hotel Business August 7, 2019Evolving guests, tech define extended-stay, “While RevPAR in Q1 2019 increased by .7%, it was the slowest quarterly gain in the segment in nine years, according to The Highland Group’s Q1 2019 report on the extended stay market.”

Hotel Management July 18, 2019Soft-brand collections: The new norm?, “At the end of 2018, hotel guestroom supply for the total U.S. rose 2 percent, while soft brands increased their room count 31.6 percent, according to the [Highland Group].”

My Place Hotels Blog April 29, 2019My Place Hotels Unveils Key Developments at its 2019 Convention, “My Place’s all new construction product, relatively low per hotel development costs, and strong brand support are key competitive strengths in making My Place one of the fastest growing extended-stay hotel brands in the country,” [Mark] Skinner said.

Hotel News Now April 1, 2019 – Extended-stay hotels fight cost, amenity, bias barriers. “Extended-stay demand growth continued to outpace supply growth by 0.4 percentage points in 2018, which yielded $13.3 billion in room revenue for the year”, according to numbers presented by Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel Business March 13, 2019The Highland Group: Extended-Stay Construction Declines, “Despite the decline in supply growth, the timing of the 47,000 extended-stay rooms under construction will still be a major factor in the segment’s performance in 2019,” said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel Business March 13, 2019The Highland Group: Room to Grow for Boutique, “Supply has increased 14% and 21% for lifestyle and soft-brand collections, respectively, through 2018; however, over 50 MSAs are underrepresented with boutique hotel product. There is opportunity to develop in this segment,” said Kim Bardoul, partner at The Highland Group.

USA Today March 8, 2019 Should you ditch your vacation rental for an extended-stay hotel? “Extended-stay hotels are the fastest growing industry segment in the United States,” says Mark Skinner, a partner at Highland Group.

Atlanta Business Chronicle February 8, 2019 Boutique hotels a rising market in metro area “A shift toward the boutique hotel product for a different-than-typical experience has increased in popularity,” according to the 2018 Boutique report.

Hotel News Now February 4, 2019 Niche luxury extended stay find ways to stand out “As a result of legislation in cities such as New York and San Francisco which restrict Airbnb from renting out properties for less than 30 consecutive nights, those properties “become less competitive with traditional hotels and more competitive with serviced apartments,” [Mark] Skinner said.

San Diego Union Tribune November 15, 2018Would your employer rent you a furnished apartment? “Nationally, the biggest reason for corporate housing in 2017 was work relocation (33 percent),” said The Highland Group.

Asian Hospitality November 2018 – Building Long-Term Profit. “The sector is posting some of the largest gains in supply, demand and room revenue growth that have ever occurred,” said Mark Skinner of The Highland Group.

Hotel Business November 12,2018Extended-Stay Occupancy Stays Near Record High Despite Signs of Cyclical Slowdown. “Despite the deceleration in performance metrics, Q3 average occupancy stayed above 80% for the fifth straight year,” said Mark Skinner at The Highland Group.

Hotel Business August 7,2018Staying power: Ex-stay is hot. “The economic fundamentals are driving demand: employment growth, capital spending, lots of construction, relocation of people,” said Mark Skinner at The Highland Group.

The Wall Street Journal July 16,2018 – Demand Rises for Furnished Rental Apartments. “Last year, [room] revenue in the corporate-housing market—where apartments are typically leased for at least 30 days—rose 13% to $3.62 billion, according to [Mark Skinner of] the Highland Group, a [partner of the] hotel consulting firm that studied the market for the Corporate Housing Providers Association, a trade group.

Atlanta Business Chronicle July 6,2018 – New hotels, venues increase North Fulton convention business.

Atlanta Business Chronicle June 8,2018 – Marriott boutique hotel planned in West Midtown. “The very nature of boutique lodging is like that of the many revived neighborhoods of Atlanta — unique, experiential and interesting,” said boutique hotel expert Kim Bardoul, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel News Now April 24,2018 – Lower costs and higher margins drive extended stay.“[Mark Skinner]called that acceleration “contrary to what’s typical at this stage of the cycle.”

Business in Vancouver April 18,2018 – Corporate housing market strong. Highland Group’s report identified the entertainment sector as the biggest identifiable source of demand in terms of industry sectors, at 12%.

Hotel Business March 6,2018 – Report: National Extended-Stay RevPar Rises. “The fundamentals for continued demand growth are solid in most markets. However, the list of MSAs with lower extended-stay hotel RevPAR in 2018 compared to 2017 is expected to be a lot longer than the 24 reporting it last year,” said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Asian Hospitality March 6,2018Extended-Stay Revenue Reached All-Time High in 2017. “Extended-stay hotel revenues in 2017 reached an all-time high of $12.4 billion.

Services Apartment News February 2,2018 – The economy sector rises to the top. According to Mark Skinner “There’s a lot of older product out there, which in some cases has become obsolete. Not only is there a good opportunity for new development of new hotels, but also for replacement of existing assets.”

Today’s Hotelier February 1,2018 – The great extended-stay BOOM. “The full-year 2017 was a great time for extended-stay hotels and provided the fundamentals for the industry to absorb a large number of new openings happening in 2018, according to research from The Highland Group.

Skift January 22,2018 – Marriott’s Revamp of Aloft and Element Points to the Future of Select Service Hotels. “The perception with Element was that it cost too much to build. Aloft was initially aimed at urban locations, which is limiting, and has subsequently moved into suburban locations.” Skinner said.

Skift January 16,2018 – Yotel Expands Into Branded Residences With an Extended Stay Element. “It’s easier to manage if they keep branded residences and extended stay separate and also, from a zoning standpoint, you could probably develop that on residential land if you only do branded residences,” Skinner said.

Hotel News Now January 9,2018 – Soft-brand growth hinges on push into more segments.“With demand for experiential and authentic travel experiences continuing to grow, Wyndham, Choice, Marriott and Hilton are all predicting robust growth for their soft-brand offerings in 2018 and beyond. Kim Bardoul, hotel analyst at The Highland Group, said the question is whether the brands with lower price points can recreate the level of success the sector’s higher-end concepts are continuing to enjoy.

Asian Hospitality November 14, 2017 A Good Year for Extended Stay. “The full year 2017 will be very good for extended-stay hotels and provide solid fundamentals to start absorbing the large number of new rooms opening in 2018,” said the report.

Asian Hospitality October 11, 2017 Hurricane clouds have silver lining for some hotels. “Empirical evidence from the post Hurricane Katrina period strongly indicates the recent severe weather will significantly increase extended-stay hotel revenue per available room in markets closest to where Hurricanes Harvey and Irma landed,” [Mark] Skinner said.

Serviced Apartment News October 4, 2017 Interview: Mark Skinner, The Highland Group. Mark Skinner talks to SAN about the US extended stay hotel market performance and prospects.

My Place Newsletter September 20, 2017 My Place Convention Takes Attendees Behind The Scenes and Beyond Borders! “With fewer rooms, My Place can enter markets other brands can’t,” Skinner said.

Atlanta Business Chronicle September 8, 2017 West Elm scouts Atlanta for possible hotel. Atlanta boutique hotel expert Kim Bardoul, partner of The Highland Group, said “boutique hotels are not heavily represented in the downtown, Midtown or Buckhead markets, making up only about 15 percent of the total hotel supply.”

Hotel News Now August 23, 2017 How independent hoteliers adapt to the changing cycle. Kim Bardoul moderates the “cycle dynamics for independent hotels” panel contributing with her industry insight supported by the Boutique Hotel Report.

Asian Hospitality August 22, 2017 Extended Stay Hotel Supply Keeps Pace with Demand, says Highland Group. “Extended-stay hotels continue to absorb record levels of new rooms while maintaining occupancy above their long-term average,” says The Highland Group.

Hotel News Resource August 22, 2017 Softscribe Inc. Names Top 10 Quotes From Industry Leaders at Hotel Data Conference 2017. “There are 20K indie rooms under construction.” -Kim Bardoul, Partner, ISHC – The Highland Group Hotel Investment Advisors Inc.

Hotel Management August 15, 2017 – Multibrand push, innovations fuel extended-stay growth. “The extended-stay sector continues to thrive”—Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group, told Hotel Management in June that “this year’s supply increases are slated to reach 7 percent to 8 percent.”

Serviced Apartment News August 16, 2017 More strong numbers from US extended stay sector.  “Very high supply growth has limited ADR increases in the upscale segment but the 2.5 per cent Q2 gain was a big improvement on the 1.1 per cent growth in Q1 2017,” [says Mark Skinner, Partner at The Highland Group].

Hotel News Now June 28, 2017 Extended-stay hotels making headway into Europe.  “It’s a real possibility that Brexit could have an effect on the market in London,” said Mark Skinner, who follows the European industry as a partner at U.S.-based Highland Group Hotel Investment Advisors.

Hotel News Now June 26, 2017 US extended-stay hotels thrive in face of supply growth.  ““Although we’re having strong increases in supply, demand is close to catching up. Occupancies this year were projected to show a slight decline, but based on the first quarter, they’re not—although there is a record number of rooms under construction: more than 40,000,” [says Mark Skinner, Partner at The Highland Group].

Hotel Management June 13, 2017 Extended-stay hotel segment continues to find quiet success.  [Mark] “Skinner’s [, Partner at The Highland Group] biggest concern for the segment comes not from Airbnb but from the forecasted 7-percent to 8-percent supply increase taking place in 2017.”

Hotel New Now May 17, 2017 US extended-stay hotels see occupancy rise in Q1.  “Extended-stay hotel occupancy above its long-term average and the strongest trend in demand growth in a dozen years provides a solid foundation to absorb the record number of new rooms under construction,” says Mark Skinner, Partner at The Highland Group.

Skift April 19, 2017 How Extended Stay Hotels Are Pivoting Towards a New Generation of Travelers.  “Demand is at a record high,” said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group. “More people are staying at extended stay hotels in the U.S. today than there were as ever before but what’s also true of the overall hotel industry is that these extended stay hotels are seeing record revenues.”

Hotel News Now April 5, 2017 What sets indies and lifestyle hotels apart?  Kim Bardoul, partner at The Highland Group, shared U.S. performance data on the boutique segment. “Compound average supply growth for independent, lifestyle and soft brand collection boutiques has risen since 2016, and annual revenue per available room exceeds U.S. averages for industry wide performance.”

Asian Hospitality April 4, 2017 Long Run for Extended Stay. “‘By far, the largest increases in supply are forecast in 2017 and 2018,” said [Mark Skinner of ] The Highland Group.

Hotel News Now March 31, 2017 – Supply growth concerns inch into extended-stay segment.  “Demand for all extended-stay properties last year was up about 5% ( year over year), and unless there’s an uptick in demand, you’re going to see occupancy decline,” [said Mark Skinner, a partner at The Highland Group.]

HRS Group Press Release February 23, 2017 HRS Adds 2,000 Extended-Stay Units for Corporate Hotel Programs. “After six consecutive years of annual room revenue growth ranging from 6 to 13 percent, we project extended-stay room revenues to increase five to seven percent in 2017,” said Mark Skinner, a partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel News Now December 2, 2016 – Demand for extended-stay keeps pace with supply growth. “You can expect (RevPAR growth) to persist through 2017, but expect RevPAR gains lower than 2016, which is going to be 3% to 4%,” [said Mark Skinner, a partner at The Highland Group.]

Hotel News Now November 15, 2016 – Extended-stay demand boosts occupancy, report shows. “Extended-stay occupancy should finish 2016 above its long-term average of 73.8%.” [said Mark Skinner, a partner at The Highland Group.]

The Houston Chronicle November 15, 2016 – Building boom brings new hotel to northwest Houston. “”Houston was one of the first markets to rebound from the recession, and a lot of new office and hotels followed it.” [said Mark Skinner, a partner at The Highland Group.]

Hotel Management October 3, 2016 – Extended-stay supply beginning to outpace demand. “Extended-stay hotel companies know that new room construction is at an all-time high and therefore, they expect a slowdown to build up occupancy,” said Mark Skinner, a partner at The Highland Group.

Travel Market Report September 23, 2016 – Sonesta Burnishes Extended Stay Brand. “Consumers spent nearly $10 billion at U.S. extended-stay hotels in 2015”, said Mark Skinner, partner at The Highland Group.

Hotel News Now August 25, 2016 – Supply boom could hurt extended-stay RevPar growth. “At midyear 2016 there were more than 40,000 extended-st